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2008-08-31 17:37:55 by XTerrorXproductionsX

Terrorproductions is a music industry used for advertisement booking and insurance policies we the following are a group of 3 men CEO and President of this organization Freddy Roberts Vice president Kelly Sloan and assistance manager Andre Dunlap the reason for this newgrounds account in making is to bring the attention of the advertisement of bands we support with are 3320 indie record label all the following bands we may or may not list there music on this site the bands are but are not limited to metal and hardcore genres if you feel the listed bands work is stolen then please call 1-205-556-5945
Thank you
if you wish to become a part of the terror production agency as a online intern or support agent or if u are a band and would like your music advertised on sites like these with plenty other terror productions can give you the coverage you need please just message us.


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